Online Web Service Monitoring based on Constraints from Requirements

The idea behind Wang et al.'s paper "An Online Monitoring Approach for Web Service Requirements" [1] is simple and useful. The challenges their study faced is to ensure the behavior of Web services consistent with their requirements. To achieve that, a monitoring approach is taken. They built a monitoring model including five specific system event types. Further, a monitoring framework is also built to providing probes, agents, and analysis components based on the monitoring model. In short, this study contributes an external behavior monitoring approach to ensure the Web service behavior to be consistent with requirements.

Extended Questions and Remarks:

  • Is the same chanllenge ever discussed in conventional software development, ex. CBSD ?
  • What's the trade-off applying this approach in practice ? ( required extra human resource, development and maintenance effot, and so on )
  • Can some constraints mentioned in this study be validated using Web service testing tools in development phases ?
  • The security issues behind this approach : Who can be the administrator and What services can be monitored ?


[1] Q. Wang, J. Shao, F. Deng, Y. Liu, M. Li, J. Han, and H. Mei, "An Online Monitoring Approach for Web Service Requirements," IEEE Transactions on Service Computing, vol.2, no.4, pp.338-351, Oct./Dec. 2009

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