神速的 Justin.tv 守門員

剛剛在看 Justin.tv 某台播電影, 邊看邊在找電影資訊, 因為 up 主沒放, 然後聊天室也沒人知道. 不過我認得男主角, 很顯然男主角是年輕時的 Tim Robbins, 而且就拍攝手法跟造型來推測, 應該是 The Shawshank Redemption 之前的作品. 這樣一推測其實就很好找了, 沒點幾下就找到是 Jacob's Ladder

正想把訊息貼到聊天室的時候, BAN !!

該頻道被 Justin.tv 管理員 ban 掉了...理由應該是因為一分鐘前出現了很短的女性露點畫面 (男主角老婆). Justin.tv 對色情管制還蠻嚴格的.

不過如此神速, 加上該頻道當時人不多, 而且畫面是電影中的合理出現, 讓我不禁懷疑是因為有人檢舉嗎 ? 還是 Justin.tv 本身會對頻道內容有自動檢測的背景程式在運作 ?

就我所知的確 Justin.tv 有監測員以及回報的管道, 但是如此多的頻道, 又只是一閃而過的畫面, 在考量由人管理時, 需要聯繫上管理員以及作 double check 的時間, 怎樣也不可能在一分鐘左右就決定 ban 掉頻道, 效率未免太好...

合理的懷疑是 Justin.tv 有整合截圖跟分析色情畫面的演算法, 作即時的監測. 如果是這樣的話還蠻厲害的...

Picasa 3 Web Connection Failed (Login Failed) on Linux

因為重新安裝了新版的 Mandriva, 自然 Picasa 也要重裝 ... 時間過得很快, 沒想到已經有 Picasa 3 beta 了, 鑑於個人對於 Picasa 2 for Linux 的諸多不滿, 自然想試試看 Picasa 3 ...

結果還是一樣, 到底為什麼 Picasa 要設計成一啟動就不受控制地 Scan 我的所有大大小小資料夾呢 ? 而且介面對於 zh-TW 的支援還是很有問題阿...

正向上傳去澎湖的一些照片的時候, 又遇到 Web Connection Failed 的問題, 訊息大致是像這樣:

Login failed
HttpOpenRequest failed (12157) -
https://www.google.com/accounts/ClientAuth [13]

找了一下 Google, 補上 openssl-devel 的安裝即可解決. 在 Mandriva 2010.1 下的話, 相對就是 libopenssl-devel package

不過感到奇怪的是, 因為原本 openssl 已經有安裝了, 為什麼 Picasa 還是需要 devel package 呢 ? 如果只是需要 libssl.so 的話, 在 openssl/libopenssl package 裡面應該就已經有了.

難不成在進行 Web Connection 時, Picasa 會作某些 Compilation 動作 ?

不過如果仔細去看 /home/user/.google/picasa/3.0/ , 會發現有以下的錯誤訊息:

fixme:wininet:InternetSetOptionW Option INTERNET_OPTION_CONNECT_TIMEOUT (10000): STUB
fixme:wininet:InternetSetOptionW INTERNET_OPTION_SEND/RECEIVE_TIMEOUT 10000
fixme:wininet:InternetSetOptionW INTERNET_OPTION_SEND/RECEIVE_TIMEOUT 10000
err:wininet:NETCON_init trying to use a SSL connection, but couldn't load libssl.so. Expect trouble.

從最後一個訊息看起來是因為找不到 libssl.so , 因此再回頭去看 Mandriva 2010.1 在 libopenssl 以及 libopenssl-devel 裡面的檔案安裝配置, 會發現 :

libopenssl 安裝完只有 /usr/lib/libssl.so.1.0.0

而 libopenssl-devel 安裝完會建立 /usr/lib/libssl.so -> /usr/lib/libssl.so.1.0.0
( Konsole 配色 XD )

這樣 Picasa 才能夠找到 /usr/lib/libssl.so 而成功進行 Web Connection.

所以... 應該是可以不用安裝 openssl-devel package, 只要自己在 /usr/lib 裡面建立 softlink 到正確的 libssl.so 檔案位置就好... 不過這只是個人猜測, 懶得移除再嘗試一次了 :p

Boot and No Screens Found [Solved ... ?]

Unfortunately... after a weekend power blackout, my Philips 200WB monitor could not display anymore in X system.

The booting message on the monitor displays fine, it just got into "SLEEP" mode when the X starts to running, and nothing shows up thereafter.

Changed the runlevel to 3, and logined in command line to check the log, the kdm.log only says: No Screens Found.

The log message may be correct, but it seems odd to me since I could see all the booting messages before the X starts to run...

If you google the message "No Screens Found" plus the keywords linux, mandriva, startx, or whatever, you might found many speculations and possible solutions, such as the corrupted xorg.conf, inconsistent package upgrading, driver problems...

I had no idea what's going on, but I did make some X system upgrades before the blackout, so I guessed maybe one of the speculations is my problem. Therefore I tried these solutions as people suggested on the web:

1. depmod -a & startx to see if it works

2. XFdrake --experts to re-configure the xorg.conf ( actually this works the same as drakconf on Display configuration )

3. Remove the original xorg.conf, use xorgconfig to generate new xorg.conf

4. Set the device and the monitor to generic options

5. Re-install the X system

6. Re-install the Mandriva ... ( Yes I did that !!! Fortunately I made the system and data partitions a clear cut, so the re-installation is quite easy )

And all of these solutions did not work, my monitor still SLEEPED ZZZzzzzzzz after the X starts to run.

Somehow I started to think : Will it be the problem of the monitor itself ?

So I changed the monitor with another Mozo LCD with D-Sub connection. Hell, my desktop is back ~!!

After a cross check, I finally figured out that the problem is on the DVI+ connection of my original Philips monitor. The connection is a DVI-D single link. The end of the link in the monitor side is not locked, and being a little loose.

I check some DVI information on the web, but I really can not figure out how it works and how this would happen. I guess there might be two causes: (1) because of the loose link, the video adapter can not acquire the correct monitor EDID, or (2) because of the loose link, some video signal (TMDS) can not transmit correctly.

Anyway, after I re-connected the DVI-D link and locked it well, the monitor functions correctly as usual :)

So, if anybody has the same problem as me, maybe you can consider check the DVI link before try any complicated solution :p

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