James Gosling's Q&A Podcast at Java One 2008

James Gosling 在 Java One 2008 的一個 Q&A Session 內容現在可以利用 MP3 下載聽了. 不過我覺得大多問題其實沒有很深入地回答, 本來看到網頁上寫到 java.net 的未來還蠻有興趣的, 以為會跟 SOA 有很強的關聯, 不過就我聽到的內容, 似乎也是輕輕帶過而已.

大概有以下重點 ( 邊聽邊隨便打打, 內容文法可能...ㄜ, 語句應該也不是很連貫, 重點節錄, 跟 Java 關係不大的議題我就自動跳過了 ) :

  • 有人問道 : If you develop Java all over again, what will be done differently. 於是 Gosling 就說啦, Properly wont develop AWT (觀眾笑), and left over calender class ( 這點不是很確定, 因為 calender 不是被大修過, 為什麼是 left over ? ), won't done closure at the first time.
  • 有人關心 Balance between continuous adapting, evolving, changing of Java and the the mature of Java, 可能是想問究竟 Java 算不算成熟, 持續的有改變是否是好事之類的. Gosling 回答道, Java 5 is really a change ( 事實上直到 Java 5 才真正做了比較大的改變 ) . There are still many Java 7 proposals on debate. The way people use it is changing. Java works out better then expected. Many proposals, such as bound property proposal, are more complicated than just writing the code. Must consider some issues, such as explosion and chaos of APIs. ( 我覺得這跟一般的 Software 增加新的 Features 是差不多的 )
  • Something about Generic, seems similar with last question.
  • Favorite IT/IS topics of James Gosling. Depend on who he talks. ( No very related with Java. )
  • Future of "small Java" ( Nothing new actually )
  • Favorite Language despite Java ? James Gosling : It's an easy quesiton, Scala. ( 一點都不熟阿 = = 要檢討 )
  • 有人問道 Java is similar to an OS ( 指在很多表現上很像一個 OS ), platform, not simply a Programming Language environment. James Gosling 順著接手說, bycode is general for many languages. 雖然 JVM 將可以支援很多不同的語言 ( More and more services can built upon JVM in next 10 years. ), 但是某些語言是難以被完整支援的, 特別是跟 pointer 有關的語言. 即便如此, Give up C/C++, that was no-brainer. 中間還有說道 James Gosling 其實很 appreciate Microsoft 對於 C/C++ 的付出貢獻 ( 我應該沒聽錯 XD )
  • 有人問道 Java 7 的時間表. Time frame for Java 7 or new features, or progress. James Gosling 說 It not technical question, but policy, JCP, something related ( 就是說沒辦法單單從 Technology 角度給答案啦, James Gosling 目前是 Sun 的 Client Software Group CTO ). There is no schedule, hope yesterday :p
  • 給大家的話. Last word for developers : Drink more Beer ^^ (這應該是給 Java One 參加者的話) , Make sure you working on projects for fun.

整個錄音中其實我最有興趣的是 James Gosling 反覆提到的那個 Slide Program, 但是只有發音 ( 類似 Hextor 的發音 ) 不知道怎樣查, 嘗試幾個都找不到 @@

2 意見:

Cox 提到...

現在應該是思考 (1) new paradigm; or (2) multi-paradigm 的時候吧. (Scala 就是個 java-friendly multi-paradigm programming language.) 而且, end-user engineering 的影響範圍越大的時候, JAVA 是否會發展到 7.0 有任何意義嗎?

seLain 提到...

Well, nobody asked about multi-paradigm in that session :p 也許剛好在場的人不關心, 又或者已經滿足於 Java 6 的 ScriptEngine ?

至於 Java 7, 就如 J. Gosling 所說, 有太多 proposals 在討論中, 談論時間表是太早了, 等 Java 6 的新東西真的發揮威力再說吧, 不然就跟 MS 一樣了 :p

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