Taiga Installation Troubleshootings

Installation assumptions :

Back-end Issue :

  • django.db.utils.OperationalError: FATAL:  Peer authentication failed for user "taiga"
    • check your settings/local.py for password configuration of user "taiga"
    • If that doesn't work
      • check your /etc/postgresql/9.x/main/pg_hba.conf
      • revise the line "local all taiga peer" from space-based separation to tab-based separation
      • service postgresql restart

Front-end Issue :

  • No such file or directory -- /usr/share/rubygems-integration/all/gems/rake-10.5.0/bin/rake when installing scss-lint
    • find your rake command (using whereis command maybe)
    • in my case the rake command is found in /usr/bin/rake
    • create directory /usr/share/rubygems-integration/all/gems/rake-10.5.0/bin/
    • soft-link /usr/share/rubygems-integration/all/gems/rake-10.5.0/bin/rake to /usr/bin/rake
    • re-install scss-lint as instruction

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