The Connected OS and Midori from Microsoft

Microsoft 在 Windows 7 之後的繼任者已浮現雛型 ?

Ray Ozzie, CTO of MS, 在最近 MS 的年度 Financial Analyst Meeting 會議中提到 (原始內容在 上面有刊載) :

We believe in a future, again, in many ways analogous to Xbox LIVE, in which Windows Live acts as a strategic extension to both Windows on the PC and Windows Mobile on the phone. You can think of this as the connected OS, Windows beyond the level of a single device or PC. How the OS connects to services and how it synchronizes with other devices are key. Your PC's config settings, your apps and their settings, your files and folders, are transparently synchronized across a mesh of PCs and other devices by Windows.
再加上最近查詢度很高的 Midori OS, 讓人不把這兩者想在一起都難 :p

但我相信 Ray Ozzie 真正要說的 Key 應該還是對於 Resources 的管理與需求, 而不是單純的 Service Connection 以及 Device Synchronization. 恐龍本一開始就把 OS 的目的跟主要工作寫得很清楚了, 只是在未來 -- 也許是 Cloud Computing 的未來 -- Resource 的型態也許會跟現行的 Computer Resource 會有很大的差異, 例如 Memory Service Resource, Computing Service Resource 之類的, 同時可能會再異化出更多的 Resource 種類出來, 與單純在硬體上的 CPU/Memory Resource 搶奪大不相同.

但對於 Operating System 的需要以及定義, 我想基本上還是相同的.

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